Nutrition Counseling:

Nutritionist DoctorPrior to your appointment, you will be filling out our patient forms, giving us a better idea in regards to your bodily imbalances and your medical and dietary history. We will begin by conducting an hour-long initial assessment of you and your nutrition needs, and personal goals. Within 24 hours you will receive diet, lifestyle, and supplement (if applicable) recommendations that are individually tailored to your needs. Follow up sessions are 45 minutes long. At each follow up, we will discuss any new imbalances, new recommendations, and adjustments to your food plan, based on your changing needs and requests.

Initial Consultation (1:30 hour):
Assess medical history
Assess diet history
Determine nutrition needs
Establish personal goals
Develop personalized nutrition plan

Follow-up Consultation (45 minutes):
Monitor progress
Re-evaluate nutrition needs
New recommendations suggestions
Adjust food plan