The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D written in the sand

VITAMIN D, a.k.a “The Sunshine Vitamin”, has a dual role as both a vitamin and a hormone, because our bodies can produce this vitamin after being exposed to the sun. Your skin contains a cholesterol substance called provitamin D3 that reacts with the ultraviolet-B rays in sunlight. From there, the body takes over, first passing the vitamin D through the liver and then through the kidneys, converting it along the way into the form that the body needs. The two primary functions of this vitamin are: increasing calcium and phosphorus absorption in the intestinal tract, and regulating calcification and mineralization of the bones.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Vitamin D has the greatest potential for causing toxicity, and over-supplementation is not recommended and may increase susceptibility of kidney stones. If you are supplementing and still deficient, it may be that your liver or kidneys are not contributing to the conversion process. Reach out to your primary physician, and investigate the root cause of this problem.
There are 3 vitamin D super foods:
Salmon (wild)
Mackerel (wild)
Other food sources of vitamin D include:
Cod liver oil
Tuna canned in water
Sardines canned in oil
Beef or calf liver
Egg yolks