Weight Loss Program

Happy Woman smiling on weighing scalesIf you’re like most of us, you’ve already tried the powerful pills which claim that you’ll burn fat without trying. You’ve probably tried the exotic fruit of the month extract that just shed pounds without you having to lift a finger. Perhaps you gave the new famous diet book a try, and even got results by calculating the points and calories of every single thing that you eat. But did you notice that as soon as you went back to your everyday habits and your normal lifestyle, all the weight you lost came rushing back!

I always ask my clients this simple question; Can these diets be a permanent solution and become a sustainable way of living? Can they be lifestyles that you can keep up with more than a couple of month? Most people are not aware of the damages of “yoyo” dieting, and the effects of these weight fluctuations, on your metabolism, on your overall health and especially on your heart. Learning how to listen to the body, and hearing its needs can be the first step towards becoming healthier. I always bring up the example of the cravings! Your cravings are not the same as your preferences and your taste. For example if you’re always craving sweets, it is not because you have a sweet tooth. It is simply your body’s way of asking for what it really needs and showing a symptom of an imbalance.

At Revive Nutrition, the weight loss programs are not accompanied by miracle cures, magic supplements, or mysterious weight shedding methods! Changing the way you eat for a month or two will not have a heavy impact on your health or your weight for the rest of your life. We will have a Holistic approach to a healthy, attainable as well as sustainable weight loss by focusing on you as a whole person, and not just your weight loss goals. Lifestyle change is the answer here! You will be provided with a personalized weight loss program and customized exercise plans, that takes into account your individual needs, as well as cogitating the social, genetic, physical, financial and emotional components of life which often negatively influence and impact healthy lifestyle choices.